Friday, 4 July 2014

My own language plan

While in French-speaking Belgium, I'm sure there will be lots of opportunities to speak French. But what about German? Or my extremely basic Russian? As I want to come back to the UK with better (not worse) language skills, I've decided that I need a plan. Depending on how much free time I have each day, I want to focus on one language a day:

Monday: German
Tuesday: Russian
Wednesday: French
Thursday: BSL (British Sign Language)
Friday: English
Weekend: travelling, so I'll practise whatever language I happen to encounter!

Hopefully this will give me a good mix and keep me entertained. As my French and German are already A Level standard, I'll be using native resources like online news, and I'm sure I'll find myself needing to do this with my English too - it'd be no good being away for 10 months and coming back having forgotten English!

For my Russian (which is at beginners standard) I'll be using the book Colloquial Russian, as recommended by my university, and for BSL, which I've been learning for 2 years at college, I hope to use Sign World's online courses to get me through. Perhaps it's a language that most people wouldn't think about picking up, but I hope to change a few minds with a future post about the wonders of BSL!

So, that's my plan so far - the only question now is, will I stick to it?
Stay tuned, to see if these vocab books ever see some use, or if they stay in my suitcase collecting dust....!

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