Thursday, 14 August 2014

A level results day!

Today was A level results day.

A day that sixth formers have been working towards for 2 years, if not much, much longer.

After plenty of sleepless nights - it finally arrived. And it was good news! I had met my offer, and now I have a secure place to study Modern and Medieval Languages (German and ab initio/ beginners Russian) at the University of Cambridge (Fitzwilliam College).

This course is the reason I am taking a gap year (see this post if you're not sure why) and quite honestly, I'm ecstatic to have been accepted, especially in a year when many people received grades much lower than they deserved, due to 'educational reform' (essentially changing the grade boundaries so less people pass). But that is an issue for another post!

Many of my friends have also been accepted onto the course of their choice, and I am happy for each of them. Most importantly, this awful wait is over, and we can now get on with planning for the future, knowing full well what our options are!

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