Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Online resources II

This is just for people in Belgium (unless you feel like entering a Belgian postcode and pretending to live here, of course, which is quite feasible).

There is a website based here that teaches French, Dutch, German and English for free, which you can find here: Wallangues

I used it to test my French and German skills, and after a half-hour test, it gave me a realistic answer of B2 on the Common European Framework, which is used to compare linguistic knowledge across Europe. If you look at the table here, you can see that B2 is equivalent to A level, and hence I'm where I'm meant to be. That doesn't mean I have stopped learning (there are another two levels until I reach 'mastery'!), but it's good to have an idea of where you are in a wider context.

I haven't used the website extensively but it seems pretty cool, and as none of the volunteers here have perfect command of all 4 of French, Dutch, German and English, the resources there could be useful for everyone. :-)

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