Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Revised language plan

Like all good plans, my initial language plan (from an earlier post) wasn't that great in practise. I don't get told when I need to work, so I choose the 30+ hours a week myself (usually Wednesday and the weekend because the contact time is more valuable then) and the rest of my time can be spent on my blog, travelling and of course learning new things.

At the university where I will be going next year, there will be opportunities to learn not only German and Russian, but also to have courses in Ukrainian and Polish for free, to take a C1-level course in French, to get a certificate/diploma in Dutch and to continue signing in the BSL society. This is a huge range of languages and I am interested in all of them *swoon*, so my new improved language plan takes account of this. Obviously I don't have time for in-depth study of English, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian and BSL all at once.... But as a hobby, basic linguistic study is really great fun, so I'm trying as best I can.

Throughout the week, I learn Dutch with Duolingo every day, whenever I have the time, and I listen to German podcasts while travelling. It is currently Slow German, which I would recommend enormously, as the information is both interesting and accessible.

So here you go, my current weekly plan is:

M: French classes for 3 hours, work through the book Colloquial Russian
T: German and Dutch
W: working all day
T: French classes for 3 hours, work on Russian, compare with other Slavic langs.
WE: working both days, or if not, whatever I missed out earlier in the week

The only language that I have not explicitly timetabled is English, but I am still reading and communicating a reasonable amount through English so I'm not too worried about it at this stage. I have experienced a small amount of language-forgetting, because I am immersed in French for such a significant part of the day, so my brain might reflexively suggest 'ici' instead of 'here', however I am not concerned just yet. :-)

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