Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The plight of vegetarians

This is a bit of a rant but not really. :p

The problem with being vegetarian in a project where a good third of every meal consists of meat, is that people perceive me to be missing out. Not so - but it is made a lot more difficult when people cook dinner with meat mixed in, knowing full well that I will then have to cook something else myself. What actually bothers me is then the sarky follow up comment of 'oh, is cheese all you can eat?'.

I surely don't need to explain that I can eat with good conscience all manner of things, including meat substitutes, pasta, vegetables, rice, pizza, salad, cereals, cheese, eggs, bread, fruit, desserts, nuts, soups.. Obviously anything that doesn't include meat.

I'm in a situation where I rely on others for food, so this really is like feeding a fish goldfish food all of the time, and then mocking it for only eating goldfish food. What do you expect to happen?!! I can only work within the framework that I'm given.

Yes, I'm ending up eating a lot of cheese and pasta based meals here, but if you tell me 10 minutes before dinner that actually I will have to cook something myself, I can hardly be expected to rustle up a convincing 3 course meal.


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