Tuesday, 23 September 2014


It must be said, transport here seems rather superior to that of England. That might be because Belgium is so much smaller, but either way, it is a well-connected little country. Lots of trains and buses, which, refreshingly, seems to run mostly on time!

My favourite aspect is the GoPass, which gives young adults 10 train journeys for 5 euros each way. When compared to journeys in England, where a return trip can cost upwards of 50 pounds, you can see that this is a great deal, especially when you consider that the trip in Belgium is still only 5 euros, even if you have to take several trains to get to your destination.

Also, it is only a matter of a few hours, at most, to visit neighbouring countries, which is a big appeal for me personally.

On an unrelated note (cough, cough), if anyone wants to visit me, you would be quite welcome! I am organising various visits now and as most people are just starting a new academic year, you may want to sort out dates fairly quickly. Obviously those who are studying French would gain a lot, but also anyone who wants to see the beautiful country that is Belgium would benefit from this lovely offer. I can offer you food and comfortable accommodation for a few days, and my local expertise and/or interpreting service(!).

Seriously though, I am here until Christmas, then after New Year I am staying in Belgium until the end of June, so anyone with reasonable holiday allowance and the money for RyanAir flights (student loan, cough cough) who wants to visit should just send me a message.

It really is a cool little country here :)

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