Monday, 27 October 2014


Last week I spent a good 5-6 days in Brussels, first for a volunteering seminar (we have these about once a month to meet up with the other volunteers), and after that I stayed in Brussels for the weekend with my mother. As I'd not seen her since the end of August, and it is now nearing the end of October, you can guess that I was exceptionally happy that she came over to see me.

We went and saw the main tourist attractions around Brussels - the Atomium (big metal structure), the nearby Mini Europe, the Royal Palace, and we even managed to fit in going to the cinema and eating a lot of chips. Quite a successful break, you might say!

If anyone is thinking of visiting Brussels, I would recommend going to Mini Europe, because it is charming and not too expensive. There is a lot of information about each member state of the EU, and little models of buildings and structures from each country. I found it a really lovely way to spend a few hours. You could certainly spend the best part of a day there with no problems.

The Atomium was good, actually the most impressive part about the visit was seeing the colossal structure from the outside, which is free. I would certainly go and see it again, but only from the outside. Very nice scene for a picnic, with wooded areas nearby.

There are some marvelous-looking buildings in the city, and on the whole I find Brussels well worth a visit, being smaller than some capital cities, and so being easier to explore in a shorter period of time.

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