Saturday, 11 October 2014

Websites you should know about

I am always thrilled when I come across a new site that I didn't know about before, and perhaps you are the same - in which case, this post might be useful for you. I have to change computers a lot here and so I have no consistent list of bookmarks, and so this post is useful for me, too, lest I forget about a page I really enjoy. I will be adding to this as I remember things! Enjoy.

Workaway - projects where you can stay abroad for free
Couchsurfing - staying overnight for free
Eurolines - international travel by bus, much cheaper than other methods

General language resources
Duolingo - language learning game
The Great Language Game - game where you identify different languages
48 Languages - lots of multilingual resources
Wallangues - Belgian language site
Omniglot - language encyclopedia
Omniglot fan club - Facebook group for language fans
Wiktionary - multilingual dictionary which conjugates verbs and shows etymologies

WordReference dictionary - the best Fr-En that I've found
Le Monde - news in French
Le Figaro - news in French
French Radio London - London-themed French radio, full speed

Beolingus dictionary - the best Ge-En I've found
Slow German - German podcasts spoken slowly enough for B2 learners
Deutsche Welle - news in German
Deutsche Welle resources - comprehensive material for all learners

MasterRussian - beginner's lessons and grammar

Signworld - BSL lessons from beginner to level 4 (interpreter standard)
Signstation - large BSL dictionary and range of BSL clips
Spread The Sign - dictionary of many sign languages
BSL Zone - BSL programmes (created for BSL, not just sign translated)

BabelKid - quadrilingual family blog
Baby Bilingual - blog about non-native language teaching

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