Monday, 8 December 2014


For those who are interested in language and linguistics, there are a tonne of events where you can go and learn more, and meet like-minded people.

Many are based at universities, though you do not have to be a member of the university to attend, for example the German Conference at Cambridge, which is taking place next February. I have already briefly attended the Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course (not linked with the university), which I would recommend a million times over for those who are interested in a career in interpreting.

One event I will be going to is the Language Show in London, which takes place every October, and has representatives from an amazing array of language-related organisations, including free seminars. In the future, I hope to go to a Polyglot Gathering, the next of which is in Berlin in 2015, which is an event organised by language lovers, with plenty of opportunities to converse multilingually and meet amazing people.

I really would encourage people to go to events in the areas that interest them, because it really can motivate you to move forward in that field, when you have realised that there is a whole community that is interested in the same things. Obviously, Google can be a great aid in finding like-minded people, as well as related Facebook groups. If you are not able to go because of work commitments or because of the cost, at least participate online, for example looking at last year's Polyglot Gathering's speeches on Youtube, or, if you are interested in interpreting (she says, optimistically), you could look at speeches on the EU websites, which are available dubbed into the appropriate languages, for example last year's Interpreting-University conference.

For a comprehensive list of language conferences that I found online, of which there are many others, click here. Just by using Google, I found a conference on bilingualism in March in Ghent, which is not that far away from me, and it sounds really exciting. Hopefully you will find something to inspire you!

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