Friday, 6 February 2015

Thoughts for the year abroad

As ever, I am planning several years ahead. I am convinced that this interests me infinitely more than planning for the immediate future, I suppose the immediacy of the event removes the excitement for me. How very strange..

Anyway, as my university provides a list of European universities that is has a Erasmus agreement with, I was looking at where I could study in Germany on my year abroad. For those of you who don't know, I will be studying German and Russian, with my 'year' abroad actually being 16 consecutive months to share between German and Russian-speaking areas. I am not entirely sure how I will go about staying in Russian areas, and I have read that for doing a Master's in conference interpreting it is preferable for you to have stayed in at least one of the areas for 12 months in one stay. Therefore, it is my current plan to stay in Germany for 12 months and a Russian-speaking area for the other 4, while studying Russian and French at university in Germany.

There aren't actually that many universities for me to choose from, but one that really caught my eye is the university at Trier, which is about 10km from Luxembourg and maybe 50km from France. This would be exceptionally useful for my French skills, as I am really determined to not forget French during my degree, and I could nip over to a French-speaking area when I have the time.

It looks like I will need to have a qualification that shows my German level before I can be accepted at university in Germany, between C1 and C2 depending on who you ask (the second-highest and highest level out of a possible 6, respectively). I would be very pleased if I already had C2 level before even heading off to Germany, and I am entirely unsure of how feasible that is. Either way, the possibility to be near the border between France and Germany would suit me perfectly and I am excited to see if it will work out like that (I suspect it might not..!).

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