Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How to travel on a low budget

I have visited a lot more places in Europe than I would have thought possible, and as a lot of people would like to do this but don't feel able, I thought I would share some tips on how to travel on a lower budget:

- Always check prices on a comparison website if there is one that is suitable
This works for train tickets in the UK, where ticket prices are very variable, and for international flights, as well as hotels.

- Book in advance for certain means of transport
Especially for UK train tickets, but also flights and some European train tickets. In many countries, though, the price doesn't change as long as you book the journey in advance.

- Take advantage of offers
There may be certain reductions during school holidays, or for young adults. Sometimes you need to buy a card to qualify, but you can really make the most of it and make up the initial cost, for example with the National Rail or National Express card. Here in Belgium you can buy 10 journeys at a time, which means that going anywhere in Belgium only costs you 5 Euros each way, if you can afford the initial expenditure.

- Be flexible on where you want to go
If your goal is to 'travel', you can really take advantage of cheaper opportunities if you don't mind where you go. Some travel companies let you compare prices for all destinations, so you can see where is cheaper at any given time, for example the RyanAir fare finder.

- Explore different means of transport
For certain journeys, going by bus, train or plane could be the cheaper option, and it might surprise you which is which. It's always best to check!

- Try to travel light
Bringing a lot of baggage with you can not only be costly, but can also make journeys awkward and stop you from taking up opportunities that you would have wanted to explore.

- Travel in a group if possible
In many cases, you get a better deal if you are part of a group. If your destination is very unfamiliar to you, or you're not able to speak the language, I would also recommend not going alone just for safety reasons.

- Hit multiple destinations at once
While you're there, why not take a day to visit a neighbouring city? Taking a quick look at a map can show you just how feasible it is to visit several countries in a matter of days, especially if you're staying in a border city.

Happy travelling!

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