Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Italki/ quick update

Anyone looking for online language lessons would do well to check out the website Italki, which has a large database of teachers internationally who can teach you over Skype. It also allows you to find an exchange, where you can help someone with your native language in exchange for theirs. I have heard nothing but good reviews of the website, including by Benny Lewis, and my experience has been very positive too!

If it sounds interesting to you, you can sign up through a referral link here, which gives me a few credits towards a lesson.


A quick update on how my life is going - I have been very very busy as of late, organising the end of my project in Li├Ęge (in 2 weeks), and the start of my 2 month stay in Vienna just afterwards. I have been travelling and working a lot, and I turned 19 last week, I promise to update you all when I finally find the time!

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