Sunday, 31 July 2016

German vs French

I am at a strange point in my linguistic career – where my best foreign language (French, C1+) is not the one I am studying (German, C1-ish). This actually leads me to want to spend my summer break speaking French, and leaves me currently very reluctant to switch from a French to a German majority language environment. At school I actively preferred German to French, and couldn't image actually wanting to speak French on purpose, but now all of that has changed. It's not that I regret studying German whatsoever, as I'm sure the German linguistics module I'm taking next year will be really interesting, but I just have so little motivation to speak it, especially as I now know what it's like to actually be able to speak a foreign language fluently. It is also the case that I have met some pretty cool people thanks to speaking French, and while this has happened to a certain extent in German, I am hoping that my trip to Germany will help me along.

I will be spending August studying in Germersheim, which is near Stuttgart and Strasbourg (roughly). I will actually be studying translation and interpreting through German, with my enthusiasm somewhat dampened now that I can't work for the best employer in these fields. Nevertheless, I hope that spending some time in German immersion revives my enthusiasm for the language that made me want to study languages in the first place.

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