Sunday, 14 August 2016

Re-introducing myself

It has occurred to me that my current intro page is now several years old, and that I'm getting a lot of new web traffic, so let's have another go, shall we!:

I'm Rensa. I study German and ab initio Russian at Cambridge, and I'm from Lincolnshire (UK). I speak French at C1+ level thanks to my (enforced) gap year in Belgium, where I worked full time as a social worker in a children's home. I can also use BSL (British Sign Language) at ~B2 level, because I studied it for 2 years at evening classes and then kept using it, and I generally think it is the coolest language going.

I have spent about 11 months in Belgium (here and here), 2 in Austria (here and here), 1 in Germany, 3 weeks in Ukraine, as of August 2016, as well as using my time in these places to visit other cities and countries. I prefer to work abroad or volunteer rather than be a glorified tourist, and that also means you get a more authentic view into the culture and chance to use the target language, without paying a ridiculous amount for the privilege. (NB: my blog's tags are a bit disorganised, sorry!)

I am a linguaphile, lover of any music heavier than rock, of composing and playing, I am a teacher, an evangelical linguist, I work in university Outreach and Access because I think people's preconceptions shouldn't stop them getting a world-class education, and to be honest, I'm in the dark about why hundreds of people per month read my blog, but hey, I'm writing for myself and if you happen to find it interesting then that's a happy coincidence.

Comments, suggestions and messages are welcome, and thanks for reading!

Rensa Gaunt

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